I am eclectic visual artist with a fascination for the past. My historic interest lies between reality and illusion. My artistic vision creates a historic stream that is not confined to my studio. I experience it in my daily life. I am my art; in the very simple sense that it reflects me and I echo it. I work from the inside out. The work reveals back to me my inner self.


Many people compartmentalize their lives to make their lives easier; by separating each part life is simplified. I do the opposite. I automatically departmentalize my life, making each part spill over into the other.


The art of embellishment has always fascinated me because branding simultaneously marks things as individualistic and as part of a specific style.


Throughout my work there is a strong reminiscent quality, which defines my style. I currently express my creativity through the use of combined media. Fiber is my primary tool. Wire, beads, threads, copper and digital photography/printmaking are also used to create the final work of art.